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remix_mod in lotrips_remix

Lotrips Remix 2011, anyone?

We missed it last year, but some people have been making interested noises -- who else wants to play? We could start it any time between May and September, anyone have preferences?

The 2009 sign up post has lots more information about remixing in general and this remix in particular.


YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm in. Umm, I have a BIG writing thing due end of June, so if it started after that, that would be lovely.
In! But you already know that. :P
Provided I'm not in the middle of travelling when the deadline hits, I think I'm in again. (I'm planning to go home mid-July or early August for a month, then again mid-December, although I'm not sure any of that is useful info, what with everyone having varying schedules and the like.)
I'm interested. I'm going to try the vigbean exchange again but am more than happy to work the schedules so people won't have to double dip.
I would love to! Kept an eye out last year and was sad when it didn't happen. For what it's worth, I vote August. :-)
Still need to read the rules, but count me in.
Have read them now and that’s fine with me, however have to tell you it’s the first remix for me but not the first challenge.

Name (LJ or otherwise):j_flattermann
Fic archive:on j_flattermann or on middleverse
Your "safe" story: Non, feel free to choose.
Pairing(s) you absolutely will not write:I am struggling a bit with the Hobbits but that doesn’t mean I don’t write them.
Willing to be backup?Yes

Edited at 2011-04-23 08:50 am (UTC)
I can do backups.
I'm in, and I'll see what I can do about beating the flames.
Ah, I'll do it. Not that I can write a lot of stuff- but I'll give it a go.
June and September suck for me- I'll be away for two weeks each month.
Hey guys, what happened to the 2011 Remix?? Is that still on?
I wanted to get at least 12 people but only got about 7, which makes the matching up really hard.
Have posted a request in my journal hopefully some of the peops on my F-list will follow the call.
Keep fingers crossed. Would be to bad if we had to miss out.
Cool, I'm glad you have the energy!
Late (as ever :)) but all the more enthusiastically shouting count me in - as a writer as well as back up if you should need it.

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