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they say

msilverstar in lotrips_remix

Lotrips Remix sign-ups deadline is August 15

Sign-ups are trickling in, and we'd love to have more. We promise not to bite, and to find betas and hold your hand if things are going pear-shaped.

In fact cupidsbow has a fantastic post on the process of remixing that should give everyone confidence that they can discover a new take on an old story.

So read the rules and sign up. You can send email to lotrips.remix at gmail, or just copy and paste the information inside the form and leave it as a comment to this post.

Looking forward to seeing your messages!

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Name (LJ or otherwise): v_angelique
Fic archive: Fic Index (I'll update it by the 15th, promise!)
Email: viktoriaangelique@gmail.com
Your 'safe' story: None
Pairing(s) you absolutely will not write: Anything with Sean Astin, Bernard, Christopher Lee, or Ian Holm.
Willing to be backup? Sure!
Yay! You're in!
Fic archive: My memories here (Except for *happy* - that's not a story, it's just a collection of posts that make me happy - hence the name
Email: light_the_sky76 @ livejournal.com
Your 'safe' story): I don't have one
Pairing(s) you absolutely will not write: Elijah/Dom
Willing to be backup? Probably not.

I have only ever written Monaboyd - I know that might make a difference but I figured nothing ventured nothing gained :)
Looks like we'll be able to accommodate you, so welcome!

I fail at HTML coding; sorry for 3rd comment post.

Name (LJ or otherwise): geniusartist
Fic archive: Mirrormere, HERE, and at opaquevision
Email: ifeedmyocd @ gmail.com
Your 'safe' story): None
Pairing(s) you absolutely will not write: Billy/Dom, Viggo/Orli, anyone paired up with Sean A., het, fem slash
Willing to be backup? No

Re: I fail at HTML coding; sorry for 3rd comment post.

No worries, glad you are joining us.

April 2011

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